Vendor Services

Training providers are always challenged to promote their services and find new clients.

Overhead such as handling class registrations, coordinating training locations, managing travel, printing certificates, etc., cut into YOUR income and dramatically increase YOUR workload doing tasks that are totally unrelated to the training you want to deliver.

Let IADLEST use its national reach and connections to promote your training programs. Let us handle student registrations and coordinate travel.

You will receive a negotiated fee for your time, all travel expenses paid, and we will share any printing costs.

This is a non-exclusive arragement, you are ALWAYS completely free to use your own resources to promote your courses and serve your exisiting clients.

Here is more detail on how the program can work for you:

How does IADLEST help deliver my trainging programs?

IADLEST coordinates Nationally Certified Training, so your course must first pass the rigors of the NCP process. After completing this and earning the NCP seal, please contact Peggy Schaefer, NCP Project Director at to begin the NTP process.

IADLEST, through their vast law enforcement academy and agency contacts, markets and sells excellent training programs throughout the US. Join our team today!

How much does it cost?

IADLEST works with each training provider to determine established instructor fees. In general, IADLEST will pay

  • The instructors salary
  • All travel expenses
  • Share printing costs

In addition, IADLEST will

  • Locate a host agency
  • Coordinate the workshop and logistics
  • Coordinate travel arrangements
  • Handle all registrations and fees
  • Notify the participants
  • Upload the course roster
  • Pay for the students' National certificates
  • Archive course materials